This tab of the application is used by the data administrators to review, edit and/or accept or decline the ParkReviewer data edits. Park and point notes can also be viewed or added in this interface.

ParkManager Reviewer Tab

This tab contains extensive functionality for reviewing, editing, viewing and making notes on ParkServe parks. The main purpose of this tab is for finalizing edits made to parks so they can be incorporated into the final ParkServe park database. In this document the tabs functionality will be discussed in detail.

The tab contains four main areas that have specific functionality. In the upper left corner of the screen are the Table Tools. The upper center of the screen contains the Map. The upper right contains the Map Tools and the bottom of the interface has the Parks Attribute Table.

Table Tools

The Table Tools are a selection of tools that deal with finding and filtering park data that is displayed in the Parks Attribute Table and on the Map. There are also tools for setting the status of edited parks.

Table Tools

The top of the Table Tools form has a search text box labeled Select a Place for finding Census Designated Places. Finding a place is not necessary but if you’d like to search by place, you can do that here. Type into the text box and a list of possibilities will appear below. Select one of the possibilities to zoom to it on the map. This place can also be used to find parks listed in the Attribute Table.

To add parks to the Attribute table, set each of the three filter selection boxes. The three choices are:

  • Location – sets the location filter for the records, Everywhere means there is no location filter set
  • Edit Type – this selection box sets the record edit types to display, All Edit types returns records with status New, Attribute Edit, Boundary Edit and Deleted
  • User –  this selection box lets you filter for a particular data editor

With one these three selection boxes set, click the Find button to populate the Attribute Table with park records. You will get a message on the screen if you have not done something correctly.

To clear the Attribute Table of records, click the Clear button.

Notice that the interface provides a count of the number of records currently found in the Attributes Table.

The lower section of the Table Tools form contains three buttons for finalizing edits to the database.

  • Decline – decline a edit made to a park
  • Accept – accept a edit made to a park
  • Delete – delete a park from the database

In order to use these buttons the user selects a park record in the Attribute Table, notice that the map also zooms to the park. With the record selected click one the of the three buttons to set the new park status. The Edit Status should change after the change has been completed.

Declining an edit will trigger either leave an existing park record unchanged or diss-allow entry of a new park polygon into the final data.

Accepting an edited park will trigger the saving of a park edit into the final database.

Deleting a polygon will remove that park from the final database. Deleted parks are saved to a deleted park feature layer in case they need to be retrieved at some point, the data is not lost.


The map is where the location of Parks and notes can be viewed and spatially edited, the Parks and Note Points are stored in editable feature layers. Notice that the parks are colored to match their Edit Status. View the Status tab to see what the colors represent.


By clicking on a park the user can select the park given it’s record is in the Attribute Table. If the record is not in the Attribute Table you can populate it using the Find Parks in Map Extent option of the Table Tools. The user can also view the contents of a Note Point by clicking the note point.

The map has normal functionality for zooming and panning. You can also change the basemap and turn on or off the Parcel Layer in the Map Tools.

Map Tools

The Map Tools are a set of tools specifically for interacting with the map.

Map Tools

The Park Editing tools are a set of buttons that allow the user to edit park features on the map. These buttons turn off and on based on the current park selection status. The user can add and digitize a brand new park or edit existing parks.

The upper left button () is for adding a new park to the database. To add a new park there must not be a currently selected park. Users can click the lower right button () to unselect all park records or the Clear button to clear all attribute table records. After clicking the Add button (), click on the map to begin digitizing a new park. Move the mouse to add additional park vertices and double click to end digitizing. Unclicking the Add button will end digitizing without saving the polygon. Please digitize the park polygon in a logical method, do not create bad polygon topology. After you double click the polygon will be saved to the feature layer, a record will be added to the Attribute Table and the record will be selected. See the Attribute Table section to learn how to add values to the park attributes.

There are three park editing buttons also, one for editing park vertices, one for moving an entire park polygon and one for rotating the park polygon. To enable these you must have a park polygon selected.

To edit park geometry, click the button, you can now grab and move the gray vertex points. To add a new vertex, click a white point and move that, notice it will turn gray. To delete a vertex, right click a gray vertex point and select delete. To save your edits click the Stop Editing button and confirm or cancel the edit.

To move an entire park polygon to another location, press the Move button () and then you will be able to click on the selected polygon and move it around. When done click the Stop Editing button and confirm or cancel the edit.

To rotate a park polygon press the Rotate button () and then you will be able to grab the top square and turn the polygon. When done click the Stop Editing button and confirm or cancel the edit.

The lower left button () is the Stop Editing button. This button is only active when a polygon edit is in process. Use this button to end the edit. You can also end the edit by unclicking the edit button. You can either confirm or cancel any edit.

The lower right button () is the Clear Selection button. This button will clear the park selection, no parks will be selected. You will need to clear the selection to add a new park polygon.

The next button group is the Note Point tool. With this tool you can add a note point to the map. This tool is only active when another tool is not selected. Click on the map to add the point and then a dialog will open to type the note text.

The next control is a select box for switching the map basemap. Choose from one of the basemaps in the list.

The next control is a checkbox to turn on viewing of the parcel layer for the current state. This is only active when you are zoomed in to zoom level 14 or higher.

The next item on the Map Tools is the display of the current relative map scale.

The final item on the Map Tools is an image of the Parks layer legend. Click the icon to expand the legend image.

Parks Legend

Attribute Table

The Attribute Table is where park attribute information is displayed and edited. Use the Find Park Records tools on the Table Tools section of the interface to populate this table.

Attribute Table


Park records are selected by clicking on a table row, notice that the map zooms to the selected park polygon. Only one park polygon can be selected at a time. Table values can be edited by double clicking in a table cell, not all cells are editable. To save an edit simply press enter after entering the value or click outside of the cell. The changed value should be visible in the cell. You should also see that the Processing date and time has changed.

To view the notes associated with a park polygon click the View icon () in the Notes field. This action will open a dialog that lists the parks notes. In the dialog you can add a new note by switching to the Add tab, entering some note text and then pressing the Add button. The new note should show up in the list.

You also change the status of a park polygon by selecting a park record in the table or map and then clicking one of the Make Record Edit buttons on the Table Tools section of the interface. The record status value should change after pressing one of these buttons.


This tab contains the majority of the functionality for this application and is where users will do most of their park work.