This tab of the application is used by data administrators to find and view notes saved in the ParkReviewer or ParkManager applications. There are two types of notes that can be saved, Note Points and Park Notes. Note Points are individual notes attached to a point that can be placed anywhere on the map and contain some pertinent information about a location. Park notes are notes that are attached directly to a park polygon. Park Notes provide additional information about a particular park.

ParkManager Notes Tab

The top of the interface has controls for filtering the notes by Note User, Start and End note entry date. Any of these three filters can be used to list notes in the lower tables. The left table contains Park Notes and the right Note Points. Since the notes are dynamically updated by many users the list of notes can be refreshed by clicking the upper left Refresh button.

The location of each note can be viewed by clicking the View icon () in the note row. Clicking the button will switch the interface to the Reviewer tab, zoom and pan the map to the noted item and select the item in the Attribute Table.

Notes can also be deleted by clicking the Delete icon (). Notes deleted in the way are permanently deleted but you will be prompted prior to the delete occurring.