The ParkManager is a web application designed for administrative management of the ParkServe park data that has been edited by the public ParkReviewer application. This application is responsive and is designed to be used on all types of devices from smart phones to computer web browsers. The best experience will be achieved in a computer web browser.


This application has five tabs:

  • Status
  • Reviewer
  • Notes
  • Users
  • Help

Status – on this tab administrators are able to obtain a quick status of where the data editing process currently stands.

Reviewer – on this tab administrators are able to review park polygon edits in detail, make additional edits to the parks and submit the park edits as accepted where upon they will undergo final data processing and become final parks. Park edits can also be declined or the park can be deleted entirely. Park and point notes can be viewed or added in the map interface.

Notes – on this tab, park and point notes can be view and filtered in table format. Notes can be filtered by the person who added the note and/or by date range. By clicking a View button the user can zoom to the note object on the Reviewer tab to see the location that the note refers to.

Users – on this tab the list of edit users can be view along with information about when they used the application and how often.

Help – on this tab users can get access to the application help documentation.