Research shows that better access to high quality parks in conjunction with improved access to clean air and water, living wage employment, stable housing, healthy food, and education can support healthier citizens. The Trust for Public Land has developed three tools to evaluate where parks can help improve the quality of life for communities in the Central Puget Sound Region. The Healthy Parks Explorer brings many datasets together in a simple interactive dashboard, summarizing key indicators for health, community, social vulnerability, and the natural and built environment. The Healthy Parks Project Selector allows you to query the data from the Healthy Parks Explorer and identify where people don’t have a park or green space within a 10-minute walk of home and where parks can support opportunities for everyone in the region to attain their highest level of health. The Open Space Assessment Tool explores open space planning in the context of key regional challenges. It aggregates data for important benefits provided by open space, such as clean drinking water and flood control, with health and park accessibility data to show multiple benefits that could be provided by parcels.

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