Trust for Public Land

Community Schoolyards

Since 1996, Trust for Public Land has been transforming blank school lots into vibrant Community Schoolyard™ projects.  Working with over a dozen school districts, we have helped to create nearly 300 projects. Our vision is for Community Schoolyards to become the standard practice nationally.

Community Schoolyards advance health, climate resilience, education and are a nature-rich hub for equitable community cohesion. A typical project includes natural features, high-quality play structures, learning environments and amenities to boost activity levels.  Green Schoolyards often include these features, but Community Schoolyards are also open to the surrounding community after school hours.

Trust for Public Land is working through our Schoolyard Initiative to scale the practice of creating Community Schoolyard programs equitably through targeted policy, research and technical support to school districts and partners in places where they can have the greatest positive impact.

This interactive map identifies the top places for creating Community Schoolyard projects to maximize impact on health, climate, equity and education.   You can use this tool to identify priority districts within the country, within your state as well as identify priority schools within your school district.

Resource Page

We are sharing resources to help you create Community Schoolyard programs that advance positive impacts to communities, schools and students. Our approach advances equity, health, climate and educational outcomes into planning, community engagement, design and stewardship activities.

  • Report – Community Schoolyards: A Game Changing Solution (Report)
  • Tool Kit – How to Create A Community Schoolyard Project (Toolkit)
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