Survey Forms

The survey edit forms are opened either through the Manager application using the survey Edit icons or through the survey links that are provided to survey takers. As the survey layout and data are loaded the survey page displays a message to tell the user that the form is loading.

Survey introductory tab


The initial tab that opens when the survey is loaded is the Info tab. The Info tab contains information about the survey and how to complete it. Next the survey takers will visit each of the middle tabs to answer survey questions.

Survey questions

Survey question answers are saved as the surveyor proceeds through the survey. The questions themselves are highlighted yellow when the cursor comes into the question. The question stays yellow until the question has been saved by either clicking the tab key or clicking outside of the box with the mouse cursor. When the answer box is white then the answer has been saved. If the answer box has turned red then the answer has not been saved, there has been an error of some sort. At this point it’s best if the survey taker can contact the survey administrator so that the problem can be debugged.

Once all the survey questions have been answered then the surveyor should go to the final Submit tab in order to submit the survey. Submit the survey by clicking the Submit button. Once the survey has been submitted, the surveyor will no longer be able to open the survey again. If the surveyor needs to make changes then the survey can be un-submitted in the Manager application.