Settings Tab

The settings tab is where you are able to set several application level global settings, these settings get saved in the database and are retrieved when the application gets loaded.

Settings tab

The first setting that can be set is the “Current Survey Year.” For this you will want to set the current year in which you are working. Only surveys for the year you have set here are editable. Do NOT change this during a survey period!!! The survey links will not work if this has been changed.

The second setting is “Survey period is active.” This check box has to be checked for survey links to work. When this is checked off, people will NOT be able to open the survey! This is a good way to turn off survey taking at the end of the survey period.

The third setting is “Maximum Upload File Size (Bytes).” This setting sets the maximum file size that can be uploaded in file uploads on surveys.

The fourth setting is “Allowed Upload Extensions.” In this box you set file type extensions that are allowed to be uploaded in file uploads on surveys. This is a comma delimited list of file extensions (ie. “txt,pdf,jpg”). In general it is recommended that you only allow upload of PDF document files as these are relatively safe and should work for most of the types of documents that people would need to upload in surveys.