Places Tab

The Places tab is used to manage place information. All surveys are ultimately related to a place and each place has information about the place. Each place also has data that is recorded annually for each place. The place tab has an upper and lower section for these data types.

The upper section of the tab has the place table where you’ll find an alphabetically sorted list of all the places. The place records can be added or edited. To add a new place go to the Place Edit Form and click the New button to clear the form. Enter information into the form and then click Save. To edit a place click the Edit icon of a place in the list of places. The Place Edit Form will populate. Edit the form values and press the Save button.

Places tab upper place list and place edit form

The lower section of the tab has functionality for maintaining Annual Place Data. In order to populate the Annual Place Data table you select a Place for edit by clicking the Edit icon next to a place.

Places tab lower annual place data list and annual place data form

Annual place data can be added or edited in the Annual Place Edit Form. To add a new place to the annual place data, click the New button to clear the form. After cleared enter new data into the form, some of the form fields are required. Please make sure that the Year field is unique and valid. After entering new data, click the Save button.

To edit an Annual Place Data record, click the edit icon next to a record in the Annual Place Data table. The form will populate with all the data saved with the record where you can edit the data and then click Save to save it.