Green + Healthy Camden

Green + Healthy Camden is a multi-partner initiative to support climate preparedness, equity, health, and park and open space planning throughout Camden, New Jersey. Led by The Trust for Public Land, the project team is providing key planning, decision-making, and park creation support to drive equitable green infrastructure implementation across the city and in particular at schools and other public spaces.

Parks, open space, and multi-benefit green infrastructure all serve to enhance climate resiliency and improve quality life for residents in Camden. An environmental focus is crucial to supporting equity, because climate challenges such as extreme heat, stormwater runoff, and riverine flooding often disproportionately impact low-income residents who have the least resources to cope with these added stressors.

Together, the Green + Healthy Camden partnership is bringing cutting-edge science, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) planning, and fostering collaborative networks to drive park, open space and green infrastructure solutions to help secure a climate-resilient future for the residents of Camden.



Our Climate-Smart Cities process bring together a team of experts to research, design, and build the infrastructure and tools that help increase our resilience to climate change. Our strategy is to: