Uploads Tab

The Uploads Tab is used for uploading financial PDB documents and managing uploads after they’ve been uploaded.

Uploads Tab


PDB File Upload

PDB Files are formatted Excel spread sheets (XLSX) that contain the data to be uploaded into the Conservation Almanac database. The spread sheet contains all of the fields, required and not required. The analysis enters data into the spread sheet so that it meets the database requirements.

This tool allows the user to validate PDB spread sheets (#1) and return a report of the data validation that makes it easier to fix validation errors. To run this report, click Choose File and browse to an Upload PDB file. Then click the Validate button.

Once the PDB validation has run a report will display on the right side of the Import form. The report will list the results of the validation process and detail validation errors should any be found. The report also will contain a link to a copy of the validated PDB that contains validation markup. This validated PDB can be downloaded, edited and re-validated again. The report can be printed by pressing the Print Report button.

If the report says “Valid upload file” equals true then the PDB contains the necessary data it can be uploaded into the database. The validation test must always be run prior to Import. Import can only occur with a valid PDB and the lower half of the form (#2) does not activate unless you have a validated PDB on the upper half of the form (#1).

To run Import (#2), enter a name for the upload in the text box. Please use a name that is searchable and identifiable to the contents of the upload. The name must also be unique in the Upload table. The tool will not allow you to import if the text box is blank or if the name is not unique. With a name entered, click the Import button. If everything is good, the import will process.

The upload process can take a while depending on how many records are uploaded. Below the Print Report button are status messages that describe how the upload process in working. If this display seems to get stuck then the process may have failed. If the process fails then please contact the application developers and let them no that an issue has occurred.

Upload Management

This console allows the user to search for and find data uploads and delete (Nuke) an upload if necessary.

To search for an upload begin typing characters into the text box. Wildcards can be added by entering a ‘%’ character into the string.

Example: mont%fish

The uploads can be filtered by type; PDB/financial, spatial or both. Notice that in the type field you can see the type of upload that the record represents. For many legacy uploads the financial and spatial upload have the same spreadsheet name.

Uploads can be deleted in entirety by selecting the upload record and clicking the Nuke Upload button. The delete will not actually occur until a confirmation box appears and the user confirms the delete. If the confirmation is done then all related records are permanently deleted.