Projects Tab

The Projects Tab is used to manage the data in the Projects table of the database. The Projects table is the main focus of the database and contains most of the data for each conservation project. This interface provides functionality for finding Projects and editing Project records.

Projects Tab

Project Filter

In the upper left corner of the tab interface is the Project record filter tool. This tool allows the user to narrow down the collection of Project records using as many filter criteria and desired. Start by adding a filter to the Filter Terms box, click the Add button. A dialog form will display on the page. Select a filter field to use for narrowing down the project records. Different filter fields have different types of values and require different input.

  • For fields that require an ID or Year you have to enter a valid number.
  • For fields that require a Key Work enter a text string. The ‘%’ wild card can be included.
  • Fields that the are a Name will open a search box to find the name.
  • Fields that require a State or Type will open a select box with options.

Set a value and then click the Add button. You will now see the filter in the Project Filter Terms box. To view the results of the filter click the Run button. Notice the there should be status messages in the upper right box. Some filter take considerably longer than others, especially Sponsor and Program filters as these need to do relationship queries to find the matching records.

Filters can be removed individually from the Project Filter Terms by clicking the ‘X’. They can also be completely cleared by clicking the Clear button.

Project Data Editing

Projects records can be edited either individually or in bulk. To edit a Project record individually you must first have the Project record visible in the data grid. To edit a value simply double click the records value that you want to change and it will become editable. Change the value and press enter or click out of the edit box. The value will be saved automatically.

To edit a Project values in a bulk manner you have to select the records that you would like to change using normal click, shift click, control click selection methods. The is also a Select All button on the interface. Once you have a selection the Calculate and Delete button become active. Click the Calculate button to do a bulk calculation on a field. The button will open the Calculate Field dialog form. Select the field that you would like to calculate, enter an appropriate value for the field and click the Update button and all the selected records will have that field value set for those records.

NOTE: its possible that if the selection set is large, all values will not get calculated. Please check this! You may need to select and recalculate the values that do not get calculated.

Project records can also be deleted from the database. To delete select a set of records and then click the Delete button. Prior to actually deleting the record or records, the program will do a query to see if the records are linked to spatial polygons or Contribution records. The delete will require confirmation to finalize the delete. If the Project contains Aligned polygons or Contributions then the spatial polygon will be unaligned and the Contributions will be deleted.


The Export button has the functionality to export all the records visible in the data grid to an Excel spreadsheet or a Comma Separated (CSV) text file.