Help Introduction

These help documents make up the instruction manual for usage of the Conservation Almanac Data Management Tool. The purpose of this tool is to manage the import and maintenance of the Conservation Almanac Data. The tool has functionality for importing data both tabular financial and spatial, editing the data once in and performing QA/QC tasks.

Within the help system there are documents for each application tab. The tabs include the application Introduction, Uploads, Sponsors/Programs, Projects, Contributions, Alignment, Reporting, and Help.

  • Introduction – this tab contains an interface for obtaining quick status information about data entry. There is also a map for clicking on projects and reviewing their attached information.
  • Uploads – this tab is for managing Financial Data (PDB) validation and uploads and querying and viewing upload records. Uploads can be deleted (Nuked) here as well.
  • Sponsors/Programs – this tab is for managing Sponsor and Program data that links to Project Contributions.
  • Projects – this tab is for managing the Project tabular data. The tab has tools for finding and editing the Project data.
  • Contributions – this tab is for managing the monetary Contributions to Projects in relation to Programs and Sponsors.
  • Alignment – this tab is for managing the alignment between tabular Project data and it’s spatial representation. On this tab spatial data can be imported, filtered and linked/unlinked to financial records.
  • Reporting – this tab is for accessing and viewing reports based on the Conservation Almanac data.
  • Help – this tab is where these help documents are located.

Click on the links to the left side of the help interface to load the individual help documents. The left pane can be collapsed for more space.