The City of Chattanooga has been a national leader in leveraging a sustainable, prosperous, and resilient city through creative use of greenspace and other public amenities. A greener and more livable Chattanooga has brought economic development, new residents and businesses, recreation opportunities for a healthy and active population, a healthier living environment, and myriad other benefits.

The Planning for a Healthy, Connected Chattanooga initiative uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to develop a detailed strategy to take this work to the “next level,” demonstrating how strategic green space planning contributes to a resilient Chattanooga. This will require better integration and connection of existing green investments, and the creation of new kinds of green spaces-such as specially designed lands that act as green infrastructure for stormwater control-to help the City achieve its highest ambitions.

The project is a collaborative effort of The Trust for Public Land, the City of Chattanooga Departments of Public Works, Transportation, and Economic and Community Development, and The Benwood Foundation.

Our Climate-Smart Cities process bring together a team of experts to research, design, and build the infrastructure and tools that help increase our resilience to climate change. Our strategy is to: